La Ultima Guitarra            The Last Guitar, a Manuel Rodriguez Film

About the Film

La Ultima Guitarra is a character-driven romantic drama of the people and culture that revolves around the Spanish guitar from the luthiers that make the guitar to the musicians that play it and the Flamenco dancers who dance to it.

From scenic vistas of Spain and the traditions of the ancient with the new, the old and the young, we experience the happiness and sadness of what makes duende or soul of the music and the people. It is a love story of Adora and Felipe from two rival flamenco families along with the musicians and luthiers that make it possible for them to dance. It takes experience and humility to make a beautiful instrument and a lifetime of dedication in perfecting one’s art whether making guitars, playing them, or dancing to them. Together, each generation passed down the tradition that is still Spain. La Ultima Guitarra is a tribute to the humble one at the pinnacle of his understanding and achievement only to leave his legacy in the hands of others as they keep and play the master’s last guitar.

Executive Producer:            Manuel Rodriguez III

Producer:                              Ronnie Michael

Writer:                                    Ronnie Michael

Music Supervisor:               Bill Solley